The Mba Fabrications Story


It was late 2008 and Canadian businessman Donald Ian McCaw was nervous.  The collapse of Lehman Brothers had turned talk of recession into talk of depression, especially among customers of McCaw’s facility logistics outsourcing business. For the first time he considered the possibility that the company he had built from scratch over the previous15 years might be overwhelmed by forces beyond his control. In the anxiety of the moment he vowed that, if he survived the current emergency, he would work hard to broaden his financial base. 

And so began an urgent quest for economic diversity, for a business whose strengths would compliment McCaw’s existing operation. After a year of broad research and consultation he identified the FINE ART PRODUCTION INDUSTRY as ideal for his purposes. In typical fashion, he conceived of the opportunity in analytical terms:

                              Facility Logistics Outsourcing      Fine Art Production

Industry Profile                      Service sector                                    Manufacturing sector

Geographic Scope                  Regional                                            Global

Customer Relationship           Contractual                                       Transactional

Marketing Model                    Business to Business                         Business to Consumer

Sales Model                            High volume/low value                      Low volume/high value